Alport Castles Love Feast

Where: Alport Castles, Derbyshire in a large barn up a track from Hayridge Farm on a minor road off the A 57 Snake Pass
When: 1st Sunday in July
Time: 1.30


The Love Feast is an annual custom held each July on the first Sunday of the month, in a large barn on a farm in remote Derbyshire. Its a simple Methodist service with unaccompanied hymns, and water and fruitcake instead of the usual communion wine and wafers; there will be straw on the floor and few luxuries. It’s held to commemorate and perpetuate the nonconformist tradition in these parts.

Helpful Hints

Don’t expect some kind of orgy! The name may be a little misleading to some people…it’s not a love-in or a giant blind date.

In 2018 it will be on Sunday July 1st.

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