London Bankside Twelfth Night Celebrations

Where: London at Bankside (near the Globe Theatre)
When: Near 6th January
Time: 1.45 pm (double check as it depends on the tides)



Revival in progress

Twelfth Night at Bankside is a modern New Year celebration involving many ancient elements associated with the season, and is now well established having run for over 25 years. The Holly Man, bedecked in greenery, arrives by boat (unless the weather means he walks over the bridge instead!) to the accompaniment of  Wassailers and mummers who perform a traditional hero/combat play featuring St George. After the play, cakes are given out and those who find the concealed bean and pea in their cakes are crowned King and Queen for the day; a procession then makes its way to the George Inn on Borough High Street for more dancing, mulled wine,the Kissing Wishing Tree and storytelling. What more could you want from a winter festival?

Helpful Hints

The festival is free and goes ahead whatever the weather, as you can tell from the photos of a very wet 2016 performance.

It’s always held near to Twelfth Night / January 6th but depending on how the holidays fall it can be on a Sunday or Monday (in 2010 it was Sunday 3rd, in 2011 Monday 3rd, in 2012  Sunday 8th January, 2013 Sunday 6th, 2014 Sunday 5th). The time also varies a little as the arrival depends on the tide.

In 2017 it was on Sunday 8th January at 1.45 pm – 2018 date is yet to be confirmed but will probably be Sunday 7th.

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