Brinsley Coffin Walk

Where: Brinsley, Nottinghamshire at St James' Church, ending at Greasly Church
When: Saturday in late July
Time: 9.30 am


Before the church was built in Brinsley in the 1860s, the locals had to carry their coffins all the way across the fields to Greasly for burial, some three miles away. The coffin walk remembers those times, and today local funeral directors Gillots recreate the experience, using a full size specially made coffin (though I assume it will be empty!). Volunteer pallbearers carry the casket, and all are welcome to join the walk – dogs included. There are stops at intervals for refreshments, and to give the bearers a rest! The custom has been going now for over a decade.

Helpful Hints

It’s usually held on a Saturday in late July, near to the patronal feast of St James (25th July) to whom the church is dedicated.

In 2017 it was on Saturday July 22nd – 2018 date is yet to be announced.

Click here for Gillot’s website:

Thanks to Ross Parish for drawing my attention to this curious custom!