Burgh le Marsh Curfew

Where: Formerly at Burgh le Marsh, Lincolnshire at St Peter & St Paul's Church on High Street
When: Formerly Twice Daily from 11th October to 21st March
Time: Formerly 6 am and 8 pm


The curfew bell tolled twice daily at Burgh le Marsh during the season from 11th October (the day following old Michaelmas if you adhere to the calendar as it was before it was changed by 11 days to its current form!) to 21st March (old Lady Day). Curfew bells were rung in every settlement in the past to let the residents know when it was time to cover the fires for safety and get to bed, and in a few places the custom has survived into modern times.The legend attached to this one is that a sea captain heard the curfew ringing whilst negotiating the difficult coastline nearby in the Wash – realising his dangerous proximity to land, he was able to avoid shipwreck and later leave a property bequest in his will to provide funds to keep the bells ringing in good order in perpetuity, and to buy them a silken rope.

Helpful Hints

Though sometimes reported as current, the custom lapsed in the late twentieth century.and now no longer takes place.

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