Brighton Burning the Clocks

Where: Brighton, Sussex - from North Street to Madeira Drive via East Street
When: 21st December
Time: 6.30 pm



In town

Burning the Clocks is a festival celebrating the winter solstice and it takes place each year at Brighton with a parade, fireworks and bonfire for the whole community. Expect a spectacular Procession with torches and flaming sculptures which culminates with a bonfire of all the lanterns on the beach. It’s well organised and all are welcome; it finishes around 8pm (probably late enough to be outside on the Shortest Day!) It’s a recent custom and is unique.

Helpful Hints

The best view of the Procession is from Madeira Drive. Only lanterns specially made for the event can be carried as they have to be checked for safety – if you want to make one, go to one of the lantern making workshop sessions beforehand (details on website below). In cases of extreme weather (like 2013) the bonfire isn’t lit, but it’s very rare for the whole event to be cancelled.

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