Chiddingstone Real Football

Where: Chiddingstone, Kent - use postcode TN8 7AH
When: Good Friday
Time: 2pm


A comparative newcomer to the “real football” season of mass participation games is the Good Friday game at Chiddingstone in Kent. While only begun less than a decade ago, the game is very much in the tradition of long established festival games, with goals over half a mile apart, two teams of up to 100 on each side and few rules. The ball may be kicked or thrown, and the game lasts 4 hours. Games like this were played nationwide in the past, but today’s survivors are mostly in Scotland and the North and South West of England, so this is a great opportunity for players in the South and South East of England to take part without such a long trip. Spectators are advised to wrap up well and may watch for free, though as it’s a charity fundraiser donations are welcome. Players can register on the day for £10 and are advised that this is a contact sport and play may be rough. The event begins with an opening ceremony and procession with music to the “turning up ” point where the game begins in earnest. It’s intended as a family-friendly fun day out and the teams are named after their host pubs, the Rock Inn Rollers and the Castle Crusaders.

Helpful Hints

In 2018 Good Friday will be on 30th March.

Marshalls will be ready on the approach raids to the village to show visitors in.

The village pubs will both be open for food & drink (and for chilly spectators to warm up!).

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