Christmas Tree Festivals

Where: Countrywide including St Andrews Church at Corbridge, Northumberland
When: Late November and December
Time: Times vary - usually daylight hours


Christmas Trees

Over the last few years, the occurrence of the Christmas Tree Festival has spread rapidly throughout the UK. Twenty years ago, they were barely heard of but now they are located all over the country from Aberdeen to Zennor (literally!), usually inside churches and happening during late November and December. All areas seem to have at least a few and the churches concerned can be any size; often the festivals have a competitive element, perhaps with trees sponsored by local businesses and organisations. Some will have a different theme each year, but this isn’t universal, and some will have a relatively small number of trees while others will have literally dozens; many will have musical and other entertainments in the building at intervals while the festival runs. However, while the way they are organised is diverse, they all have the basic element of a display of decorated trees arranged for visitors to enjoy, and usually have collections in aid of charity. Most are open to the public for set times over a period of a few days. These events are a popular way of bringing communities together in the period leading up to Christmas.

Helpful Hints

Our local church now has a festival each year – at Corbridge there are many and varied trees in St Andrew’s Church making a very festive display. In 2017 the Corbridge festival ran from Friday 1st to Monday 4th December – 2018 dates are yet to be announced but will probably be Friday November 30th to Monday 3rd December. Admission is free but donations are welcome.

Check your local press for details of festivals or head to this website to find a display near you: