Comrie Flambeaux Procession

Where: Comrie, Tayside/Perthshire at Melville Square
When: 31st December
Time: Just before midnight.



Comrie on Tayside hosts a unique Hogmanay custom, the Flambeaux Procession. Each December 31st a group of select locals gather just before midnight near the Royal Hotel, bearing 10-foot poles each topped with sacking which are set on fire and paraded through the streets after midnight strikes. Pipers lead the procession which includes a fancy dress parade and the ceremonial casting of the used torches into the River Earn. It’s believed to have its origins in a pagan fire-cleansing custom to rid the town of evil spirits and bring luck for the New Year. An outdoor ceilidh takes place in the Square by the Royal, before the parade and continuing as the Flambeaux are carried around the streets.

Helpful Hints

Arrive early as it’s a popular event and parking is limited. Wrap up well as it’s all outdoors!

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