Culloden Memorial Service

Where: Culloden Visitor Centre - at the Memorial Cairn
When: Saturday nearest 16th April
Time: 10.30am


The Battle of Culloden was fought on 16th April 1746 between the forces of Jacobite Pretender or rightful King (depending on your perspective) Bonnie Prince Charlie and the British Army under King George II’s  son the Duke of Cumberland. It was the final conflict in the Stuart campaign against the Hanoverian Royal House and was the last battle fought on British soil. The Jacobite army, with a high proportion of Highlanders, was crushingly defeated by the government forces; a repressive regime ensued and Scottish life would never be the same again. Every year a service is held at the Memorial Cairn on the Battlefield to remember the dead on both sides of the conflict.

Helpful Hints

If you haven’t visited before, it’s well worth seeing the Visitor Centre which gives a great deal of background information and interpretation of the battle, the build-up and the aftermath; there are many artefacts on show.

In 2018 it will be on Saturday April 14th (to be confirmed).

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