Denholm Ba’

Where: Denholm, Borders around the Green
When: Monday after Jedburgh Ba'
Time: 4pm or a little later...



On the Green

Denholm is a traditional borders handball game with its origins in a match using an invading Sassenach’s head as a ball (or so the legend goes!). Written records date back a couple of hundred years. Most of the action takes place on the large Green in the village centre with goals along the A698 to the East for the Doonies and Honeyburn Bridge to the West for the Uppies. Teams are usually of ten to twenty players, often including participants from neighbouring settlements with their own similar traditions like Hobkirk and Jedburgh. Play usually continues after dark until around 7.30 and in spite of the generous space in the village centre, players always end up stopping the traffic for a while in the street!

Helpful Hints

The dating of the game is directly connected to the similar event Jedburgh Hand Ba (see separate article) with the Denholm game taking place on the Monday following Jedburgh.

Pubs in the village will be open for food & drink and the Post Office sells snacks.

In 2018 it will be on Monday 26th February.

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