Dorking Wife Carrying Races

Where: Dorking, Surrey at The Priory School, The Nower
When: Sunday early in March
Time: 10.30


The Wife Carrying Races at Dorking are a recent addition to the calendar and have apparently spread to the UK from a long-established Scandinavian tradition -legend has it that events like this started after raiders needed to be swift on their pins to escape when stealing womenfolk from neighbouring villages. Couples race over a 250 metre course and the prize is beer from the local Pilgrim Brewery (runners-up get pot noodle and pet food!). The rules aren’t strict and the “wives” don’t need to be female!

Helpful Hints

If you wish to take part you won’t need to produce your marriage certificate to qualify, but you do need to be over 18 and the wives must wear a helmet.

In 2018 it will be later than usual on Sunday 8th April.

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