Dunbar Battle Commemoration 1296

Where: Dunbar at Lauderdale Park
When: Weekend in late April / early May
Time: 10am-4pm


The first battle of Dunbar was part of the Wars of Scottish Independence and ended with victory for the forces of King Edward I of England and the surrender of the castle on April 27th 1296.  The battle is comparatively little known but was a significant contributory factor in the surrender of the Scots King John later in the year. Today the event is commemorated on a weekend near to the anniversary – expect living history, re-enactments and lots of activities for families, all organised by the Scottish Battlefields Trust. Hundreds of years later there was a Civil War battle at Dunbar so don’t get them confused!

Helpful Hints

In 2016 it was on Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st. 2017 dates are yet to be announced but will probably be 29th & 30th April.

Click here for the Trusts website: http://www.scottishbattlefields.org

and here for the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scottishbattlefieldstrust/

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