East Hendred Shroving

Where: East Hendred, Oxfordshire at Hendred House
When: Shrove Tuesday
Time: 12 noon


Shrove Tuesday is the date for a little known custom in Oxfordshire when the schoolchildren visit the local manor, Hendred House. They gather in the courtyard singing a special rhyme before being treated to a gift of a penny and a sticky hot cross bun (no pancakes are involved!). Shrovetide and Easter were popular times for charitable donations to the needy, perhaps associated with the period of traditional self-denial and fasting during Lent. The custom has been well established for many years and with two primary schools in the village it should hopefully continue well into the future.

Helpful Hints

Though the local schools are involved, this custom takes place even when Shrove Tuesday is in the half-term holiday.

In 2018 Shrove Tuesday falls on February 13th.

For a link to the schools, click here : http://www.hendreds.oxon.sch.uk

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