Eyam Plague Sunday Service

Where: Eyam, Derbyshire - from St Lawrence's Church
When: Last Sunday in August
Time: 2pm


At Cucklet Delph

The last Sunday in August is Plague Sunday in the little village of Eyam in Derbyshire. In 1665 the villagers, led by Reverend Mompesson and his wife, bravely took the decision to cut themselves off from the rest of the world in order to contain an outbreak of bubonic plague, which killed over 250 of its inhabitants in a period of just over a year. Nobody was allowed in or out of the village and supplies were left at points on the boundaries, paid for with coins placed in vinegar to reduce the chance of passing on infection. The annual service remembering the sacrifice of the villagers is held at Cucklet Delph, where outdoor worship took place during the plague rather than in the closer confines of the parish church. After laying a wreath at Catherine Mompesson’s tomb in the churchyard, the procession makes its way to Cucklet Delph from the Church, hymns are sung and villagers in costume act out tableaux from the time of the Plague. The village Wakes week is also in late August and you’ll see examples of well-dressing (see separate article for Well Dressing)

Helpful Hints

Many of the cottages in the village pre-date the plague and the village museum on Hawkill Road (near the carparks) has a display and merchandise. The path to Cucklet Delph is unsuitable for wheelchairs.

Take your camera- Eyam is very photogenic.

In 2018 Plague Sunday will be August 26th.

Click here for more information : http://www.eyam-church.org/Whats_On.html

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