Glencoe Massacre Commemoration

Where: Glencoe, Highland at St Mary's Church & village Memorial
When: 13th February
Time: 11 am Church Service, 12 noon march to Memorial



The Massacre at Glencoe took place on 13th February 1692, when members of Clan Macdonald were brutally murdered by guests to whom they had offered hospitality for weeks. The guests were government soldiers in the Earl of Argyle’s Regiment, and the reason given for the executions was that the MacDonalds had failed to pledge allegiance to the new monarchs, William and Mary. The village houses were set alight, and many of those who escaped the initial killing spree froze to death in the harsh winter conditions of the following days. The date is seen as a particularly black one in Scots history and is commemorated today by a special church service, followed by ceremonial wreath-laying.

Helpful Hints

The service takes place each year on the actual anniversary of the massacre.

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