Guildford Twelfth Night Wassail

Where: Guildford, Surrey starting at the Star Inn on Quarry Street
When: 6th January
Time: From 7.30 pm


Pilgrim Morris Men celebrate Twelfth Night every year with a traditional Wassail to round off the festive season. They tour the towns hostelries singing traditional carols, performing the Guildford Mummers Play and generously passing ’round the wassail bowl under the auspices of the King of Misrule, who is chosen at the start of proceedings at the Star Inn. At each pub, chalked cross marks are made on the beams called apotropaic marks – it’s one of the rituals of the night and the marks are made to bring good luck and to prevent the entrance of evil spirits.  It’s noisy, crowded and sounds lots of fun!

Helpful Hints

This event takes place on 6th even when it falls on a Sunday.

The tour begins at the Star followed by the Kings Head (both on Quarry Street), then moves on to the Angel Hotel and the Three Pigeons (both on the High Street) and finally the Royal Oak at Trinity Churchyard each at intervals of half to three-quarters of an hour (bear in mind you will be operating in Morris time which can be different to GMT) . If you’re particularly fond of carols, the best place to hear them is at the Angel Hotel. As the route may vary slightly from year to year, check the itinerary near to the night on the Pilgrim Morris Website then you’ll get the up-t0-date route.

Click here for the Pilgrim Morris website:
Photos by traceyp3031.