Hastings Catterning and Clemening

Where: Hastings, Sussex starting at St Clement's Steps
When: Weekend in late November
Time: 6 pm or 7.30 pm (variable)



The feast days of St Catherine and St Clement fall on the 23rd and 25th of November and in olden times it was common for folk to tour their district in search of generous donations of apples and beer to mark the festivals. Special songs were sung and cattern cakes were baked. These customs had faded away over time, but at Hastings they have been brought up to date in a modern revival by members of the Bonfire Society. They tour the town, in festive attire with a handcart,starting outside St Clement’s Church then moving from pub to pub, singing songs and lighting Catherine Wheels as they go.

Helpful Hints

While it’s always near the end of November, at the end of Bonfire season, the date and time can vary a little depending on the availability of participants. In 2017 it was on Friday 24th November at 7.30 pm – 2018 date is yet to be announced.

Click here for the Bonfire Society website: http://www.hbbs.info

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