Llandysul Hen Galan

Where: Llandysul, Pembrokeshire at St Tysuls Church
When: Second Saturday in January
Time: From 10 am to approx 3.45


Hen Galan is a Welsh festival celebrating the New Year and it is held each January on the second Saturday of the month, having been celebrated annually at Llandysul for nearly 200 years. There is a special church service with readings from the Welsh Bible, in which each of the churches in the local group take a half-hour slot throughout the day. In the villages of the area during the day children call at the houses, singing in return for sweets and money while in the evening the whole community gets together for traditional Welsh food and a good old sing-song.

Helpful Hints

In 2018 it will be on Saturday January 13th.

The only time that the service had to move venue was 2015 when the church was being repaired after a lightning strike.

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Photo by Arosmae.

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