Herefordshire Pax Cake Distribution

Where: Sellack at St Tysillio's Church, Hentland at St Dubricious' Church & Kings Caple at St John the Baptist's Church
When: Palm Sunday
Time: Hentland 3pm - other churches at morning service: Sellack 9.30am, Kings Caple at 10


The distribution of Pax Cakes survives in three churches in Herfordshire ; it is a charity dole and the round shortbread-like biscuits are given out by the vicar  after the Sunday service. They are stamped with the image of a lamb and a blessing of “Peace and Good Neighbourhood” is spoken with each gift (hence the name of Pax Cakes as “pax” is the Latin for “peace”). The dole is believed to go back to a fifteenh century bequest.

Helpful Hints

In 2018 Palm Sunday is on 25th March.

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