Southampton Knighthood of the Old Green

Where: Southampton, Hants at Old Green
When: Wednesday in late August
Time: 3pm


At Old Green

The Old Green in Southampton is reputedly the oldest bowling green in the world and the Knighthood of the Old Green Tournament has records dating back to the eighteenth century. It has different rules to ordinary bowls: the jack is placed on the green and competitors bowl two woods, each being measured and removed in turn – the winner is the one whose woods are nearest the jack. If the jack moves, it is replaced in position for the next participant; after all have had a turn, the winner of that “end” is announced, the jack is moved and the whole process starts again until an overall winner emerges. This can take some time! The winner is the first competitor to win seven “ends” and automatically becomes a Knight of the Old Green. Knights are not allowed to compete in subsequent tournaments but organise and judge instead, wearing formal suits and top hats and looking very important! The Mayor, Town Crier and other dignitaries attend.

Helpful Hints

It used to be held in the first week of August but this is no longer the case and it’s usually towards the end of the month, always on a Wednesday.  Visitors are welcome.

In 2017 it was on Wednesday August 23rd – 2018 date is yet to be announced.

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