London Knollys Rose Ceremony

Where: London - Procession starts at All-Hallows-by-the-Tower on Byward Street , moving to Seething Lane for the cutting. 2017: cutting to take place in garden at All Hallows by the Tower while Seething Lane garden is undergoing an overhaul
When: Date and weekday can vary - currently often a Wednesday in early June
Time: 10.45


The Knollys Rose Ceremony is a revival of a custom in which a rose was given as payment for a fine. Back in 1381 a footbridge was erected without permission between two properties on Seething Lane owned by Lady Constance Knollys and for this transgression she was fined one red rose; the custom was revived in the twentieth century and is carried out by the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames. The Master of the Company chooses a rose from the garden on Seething Lane; the cut blossom is carried ceremonially on a velvet cushion by the Verger of All-Hallows-by-the-Tower in a colourful procession to the Mansion House, where is it presented to the Lord Mayor in a private ceremony.

Helpful Hints

It usually takes place in June but the date and weekday can vary depending on the availability of the Lord Mayor so is agreed on a year-by-year basis rather than being firmly fixed. Anyone can watch the rose cutting and procession – just don’t expect to get into the private ceremony at the Mansion House.

“Knollys” is pronounced just like “Knowles”.

In 2017 it will be held on Wednesday June 14th.

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Photo by Ian Mansfield.

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