Leigh Parish Lands Candle Auction

Where: Leigh, Dorset at the Village Hall on Chetnole Road
When: A Wednesday evening in June - must be before August 12th
Time: Evening



The candle auction at Leigh is one of a handful of survivors of an ancient method of selling which involves the auctioneer taking bids whilst a candle burns; when the flame goes out whoever placed the last bid wins. It’s believed to date back at least to the seventeenth century and was used originally to raise funds for Poor Relief and to maintain the parish cottages. In this case the property up for rent is two pieces of land – one  a pasture for grazing from August until February, and the other a piece of woodland at Beer Mill Mead between October and February. A Trust administers the funds raised which are still used for the benefit of the villagers. In the past the auction was held in the village pub, but since it closed the event has changed venue to the Village Hall.

Helpful Hints

Though held each year, the auction is something of a moveable feast – it must be held in time for the succesful bidder to take possesion by Lammas Day (August 1st) so is held at a date prior to that. All are welcome to attend and it is an informal event. Currently the event is usually held on a Wednesday evening in late June.

In 2017 it was on Wednesday 21st June – 2018 date is yet to be confirmed.

Click here for the village website: http://www.leighvillage.org.uk/

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