Lincoln Crying Christmas

Where: Lincoln, starting at Newport Arch and ending at Stonebow
When: A weekday evening in December
Time: 6pm - 7.30 approx


Every advent the Lincoln Waites, a group of musicians in the medieval tradition, lead a civic parade through the dark streets of the city stopping at intervals to deliver the Proclamation, which is read out by the Senators who represent the Magi. The other officials involved include the Mayor and local councillors, and everyone will be rigged out in full regalia for the occasion. The words for the ceremony were written down in the mid sixteenth century and the origins of the custom may well lie much further back in history; the practice was revived here in 2007. The parade is usually followed by a short carol service.

Helpful Hints

The ceremony usually takes place in the first half of December on a weekday evening, often a Thursday, though the date (and time) moves a little from year to year depending on the availability of all the participants.

In 2017 it takes place on Thursday December 21st.

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