London Lion Sermon

Where: London at St Katharine Cree church on Leadenhall Street
When: 16th October or nearest Thursday
Time: 12.30pm


Sir John Gayer, Lord Mayor of London and founder of the Levant Company, left a bequest in his will for St Katharine Cree church and his generosity is commemorated by the special service each October. Sir John became separated from his travelling companions on a trip through the desert – he met a hungry lion but prayed for assistance and was left unharmed. The story of Sir John’s deliverance is retold each year, an eminent guest is invited to deliver a sermon, and readings are made by his descendants (who of course would not be here today if the lion had fancied a snack). Today’s visitors are luckier than the lion – a tasty lunch is provided for all who attend.

Helpful Hints

Sir John died in 1649 and is buried at the church – look for his commemorative brass which is tucked away on the floor behind the altar.

The service usually takes place on a Thursday around October 16th and is open to all. In 2017 it was on Thursday October 19th – 2018 date is yet to be announced.

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Photo of Lion by Yagan Kiely (others are mine).

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