Twyford Lost in the Dark Bells

Where: Twyford, Hampshire at St Mary's Church
When: 7th October
Time: Before 9.30am and around 7pm.


Local resident William Davis lost his way in the dark when travelling home to Twyford on October 7th – when he heard the church bells ringing he could tell that he was off-course as the peal came from an unexpected direction. William pulled up his galloping steed just in time to save them both from tumbling over a nearby precipitous quarry edge. William left a bequest in his will to fund an annual commemoration on the day – the church bells are rung and the bell-ringers have a feast.

Helpful Hints

The bells are rung twice on the day as specified in the will, once before 9.30 am and once around 7 pm – exact timings vary depending on the bellringers.

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Photo by Jim Champion.

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