Mapleton Bridge Jump

Where: Mapleton, Derbyshire at Okeover Bridge
When: New Years Day
Time: From 11 am onwards



The Mapleton Bridge Jump sees brave souls launching themselves from the parapet of Okeover Bridge into the chilly waters of the River Dove about 30 feet beneath; they then swim a short distance and run 500 yards to the finish to wait for their fellow jumpers. It’s a charity fundraising event which dates back well over 20 years. Formerly there were prizes for men and ladies in teams of two, and only 20 teams could compete in each race.The Ladies races started at 11 with the Gents following at mid-day – Ladies won the Brass Iron while Gents won the Brass Monkey award! Moves to change the date seem to have stalled and it now still takes place as an unofficial event in much the same way as the Cooper’s Hill Cheeserolling in Gloucestershire (see separate post). The length of time that the jumping lasts depends on the number of participants as well as the speed with which they launch themselves from the bridge – there were plenty of jumpers in 2017 but it only lasted around quarter of an hour because they all jumped in quick succession.

Helpful Hints

The date was set to move to Easter for 2015 (so would have been held on Monday 6th April) BUT that clashed with fishing & lambing season so it didn’t happen. In spite of the date move being then officially in place, people still turned up on New Years Day 2015 and in subsequent years, and I suspect New Years Day will continue to be the date for the event for some time to come, at least as an unofficial one.

Mapleton is also spelled Mappleton on some maps and road signs.

Jumpers need to register on the day just before the jump -spectators just turn up to see the fun!

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