Moffat Sheep Races

Where: Moffat, Dumfriesshire on the High Street
When: A Sunday early to mid August
Time: 12 noon


Woolly Jumpers

Moffat has a long standing association with sheep – there’s even a huge statue of a Ram in the Market Place – but today’s association has less to do with the wool trade and more to do with woollen jockeys riding their ovine steeds in the fast and furious Sheep Races held each August. The event began in 2012 so is a relative newcomer to the annual calendar, but is proving very popular with locals and visitors alike. There’s also a Farmers Market and other attractions on the day, and betting is available for those who like a flutter. There are several heats followed by a Grand Final for all the heat winners. The real stars of the show, apart from the speedy sheep themselves, are the characterful knitted jockeys.

Helpful Hints

The date varies a little but it’s always a Sunday in early to mid August. In 2016 it was held on Sunday August 14th – 2017 date is yet to be announced.

The jockeys can be viewed up close at the foot of the Ram statue before the races begin.

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