Mudeford Blessing the Waters

Where: Mudeford, Dorset at the Quay
When: Rogation Sunday
Time: 3.15pm




Mudeford in Dorset is a salmon fishing village and each year on Rogation Sunday the local vicar takes to the water in a rowing boat, to bless the sea in a short religious ceremony during which a cross is cast into the depths. Expect hymn singing, usually accompanied by a brass band.

Helpful Hints

Rogation Sunday is the Sunday before Ascension Day, which is always on a Thursday and is the 40th day after Easter. Because of the link to Easter, the date for Rogation Sunday changes from year to year.

In 2018 Rogation Sunday will be on 6th May.

The local RNLI site recommends that a good place to watch is from the beach at the end of the spit.

Click here for the RNLI page on Mudeford:

Photo Alwyn Ladell.

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