Nottingham Pagan Pride Festival

Where: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire starting in the Old Market Square and ending at The Arboretum
When: 1st Sunday in August
Time: 10.30am onwards



Pagan Pride is an organisation run by and for pagans throughout the UK – their annual Parade is a celebration of the pagan community and all it stands for. Expect a crowd of hundreds of pagans in fine voice, singing and shouting for all they’re worth! In addition to the Parade there is a free festival to follow including performance artists, dancers, musicians,arts & crafts, stalls and of course food & drink, with an after-show party in the evening.

Helpful Hints

Participants in the Parade should meet an hour before it sets off (10.30). All are welcome to take part – you can wear what you like and be as loud as you want!

In 2017 it will be on Sunday August 6th.

Full details of route and timings are on the event website.

Click here for the event website:

and here for the Facebook page:

Photo by R I Pienaar.

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