Queen’s College Needle & Thread Gaudy

Where: Oxford - Queen's College
When: A Saturday early in January (formerly held at New Year)
Time: 7pm


The Queen’s College Needle & Thread Gaudy is a custom dating back hundreds of years and is included here because it is commonly listed in books of traditional customs. However, you can’t just turn up even if you are an Old Member of the college as there is a waiting list! Formerly held at New Year, the date has moved a little later in the month and College Members are each given a needle  and silk thread to mend their academic hoods and are told to be thrifty. The founder of the college was Robert de Englesfield and the custom is  a rebus on his name (aiguille and fil are needle & thread in French and sound a bit like Englefield, especially if you’ve had a drink or two).

Helpful Hints

Click here for the college website : http://www.queens.ox.ac.uk/

Photo by Amarand Agasi.

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