Rawtenstall Clog Cobbin Championships

Where: Rawtenstall, Lancs at The Roebuck Inn on Burnley Road
When: Easter Sunday
Time: 1pm


Clog Cobbin is a sporting event with origins in the 1970s; a traditional Lancashire clog (with a leather top and wooden sole) is thrown as far as possible following a series of rules. Competitors must throw backwards over the shoulder and avoid making the clog land in the river! There are prizes for men, ladies and chldren, usually in the form of food and drink. As well as the competition there are charity stalls and a tug-of-war.

Hepful Hints

In 2018 Easter Sunday is April 1st (up to 2013 it was held on Easter Monday so make sure you turn up on the right day). When it’s wet (like when we were there in 2012) most people stay in the pub to keep warm!

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