London Richard Johnson Service & Bubble Sermon

Where: London at the church of St Brides, Fleet Street
When: 1st Tuesday in June
Time: 11.30am


The Bubble Sermon is organised annually by the London Stationers’ Company and it’s for members and guests only – I’ve included it here because it gets a mention in some books on customs and it would be disappointing for visitors to turn up and then be unable to take part. The Bubble theme is to remind us all that “Life is but a Bubble” and the service is part of a bequest in the will of an eighteenth-century Stationers’ Company benefactor called Richard Johnson.

Helpful Hints

You must belong to the Stationers’ Company or be invited by them to attend.

In 2018 it will be on Tuesday June 5th.

Click here for the Stationers’ Company website :

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