Richmond Christmas Shilling Audit Money

Where: Richmond, North Yorkshire in the Town Hall, Market Place
When: Saturday in early to mid December
Time: 10 am -12 noon (sometimes a little longer)



Each December, specially minted coins are distributed at a ceremony in the Town Hall at Richmond (the Yorkshire one). The origins of the custom lie in the sixteenth century, when provision was made for donations to the ancient and needy in the town Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I – recipients were each given a shilling in the run-up to Christmas. In modern times a shilling doesn’t buy very much, so instead it was decided in the late Twentieth Century that special coins would be donated instead. The coins are marked with an image of Richmond Castle and “Mayor’s Audit Money”, and the Mayor distributes them to all the claimants together with a special card, in the Mayor’s Parlour upstairs at the Town Hall.

Helpful Hints

Only residents of Richmond aged 60 and over are eligible to claim the money! But anyone can go and watch as it’s run with the regular coffee morning at the Town Hall. The Mayor’s Parlour can be found upstairs; it’s the room opposite the staircase, beyond the coffee morning stalls. If you’re lucky you might see the Town Crier announcing the custom in rhyme in the Market Place.

In 2018 it will be on Saturday 8th December (to be confirmed). Times for this custom can vary a little so the times given here are safe for finding it happening.

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Thanks to John Roper for drawing my attention to this one!

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