Sandwich Bartlemas Bun Run

Where: Sandwich, Kent at the Hospital of St Bartholomew
When: 24th August (unless 24th falls on a weekend - see Helpful Hints)
Time: Service at 11 am, race at noon


St Bartholomews Day is celebrated in Sandwich by a special service in the chapel of the ancient Hospital of St Bartholomew,  followed by a race for children. The youngsters are given currant buns and adults receive a hard St Bart’s  Biscuit with the town coat of arms impressed on them. The Hospital is an almshouse for sixteen elderly people, reputedly founded to celebrate a victory over the French.

Helpful Hints

It takes place on st Bartholomews Day 24th August UNLESS this falls on a weekend. If 24th falls on a Saturday the race takes place on Friday 23rd and if  24th is a Sunday it takes place on Monday 25th instead.

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