Selkirk Common Riding

Where: Selkirk - around town & in Market Place
When: Friday following 2nd Monday in June
Time: From 4am! Procession 7am at Market Place with return at 10.15 and Casting of the Colours at 11am.


Common Ridings are a boundary marking custom on horseback. They are mainly held at locations across the Scottish Borders, perhaps because this area suffered from centuries of raiding and reiving between local families and the English, and the locals needed to protect their lands from encroachment. Long after this was necessary, the Ridings survived to become major festivals and a great day out! Selkirk’s Casting of the Colours  also commemorates the return of a single surviving soldier after the Battle of Flodden in 1513 – his 79 comrades were all slain. Expect a procession of up to 500 riders led by the Royal Standard Bearer and lot of  flag waving! At the Casting of the Colours ceremony  the procession returns to town following the Rideout accompanied by the Selkirk Pipers and Silver Band and the riders leave their mounts to make their way to the Market Place on foot. Each of the flags are waved to music in turn, with the band speeding up at times to make it trickier for the flag-bearers to keep up, before the Standard Bearer gives the Burgh Flag back  to the Provost “unsullied and untarnished” for another year.

Helpful Hints

Whilst in Selkirk you might want to sample the local delicacy, the Selkirk Bannock (a bit like a giant teacake)  – you can’t miss the shop in the Market Place.

In 2018 it will take place on Friday 15th  June.

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Photo by Oliver Jackson.

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