Selston Tower Service

Where: Selston, Nottinghamshire at St Helen's Church on Church Lane
When: Sunday in June or July (traditionally nearest 6th July but now in June)
Time: 3pm


Selston in Nottinghamshire is the setting for one of the handful of ceremonies which take place atop a church tower. The tower here was built in the fifteenth century and it houses eight bells. Each year (traditionally on the Sunday nearest 6th July but now a little more variable in date), a special Tower Service is conducted by the Vicar who stands on the tower and preaches to the congregation gathered on the ground at its foot below; one of the theories for the origin of the custom is that the vicar Charles Harrison thought it would encourage visiting traveller families to participate in the service, so he began the custom in 1907. Gypsy King Dan Boswell is buried here in the churchyard and Selston Green was a regular encampment for travellers. Expect the vicar’s sermon, a guest preacher and a selection of well-known hymns.

Helpful Hints

The view from the top is amazing and you can see several counties on a clear day. Dan Boswell’s grave can still be found in the churchyard, near the West end of the North arcade.

In 2017 it was held on Sunday June 11th – 2018 date is yet to be announced but will be in June rather than July. The June date fits more easily into the church calendar and it boosted attendance in 2017 so is set currently to continue in June.

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Thanks to Ross Parish for making me aware of this one!

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