St Blazey St Blaise’s Feast Day

Where: St Blazey, Cornwall starting at Hands Together Residents Association, moving to St Blaise's Church on Church Street and the Football Club on Station Road
When: February 3rd
Time: 5.20 pm


A giant lantern in the shape of a ram is the centrepiece in a parade marking the feast of St Blaise, patron saint of both the woollen industry and sore throats, on February 3rd . The event was revived in the early twenty-first century and is going from strength to strength, organised by the St Blazey Reclaimed and a host of other local groups including the schools, church and Town Council . The ram is a symbol of spring approaching and the lanterns illuminate the dark lanes of the town accompanied by traditional Cornish music, before a special Blessing of the Throats service at St Blaise church and refreshments at the Football Club, which are likely to include regional speciality Saffron Buns.

Helpful Hints

It goes ahead whatever the weather so be prepared to wrap up well and if you haven’t a lantern, a torch could be useful.

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Thanks to Ross Parish for drawing this event to my attention!

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