Stamford Bridge Battle Weekend

Where: Stamford Bridge, North Yorkshire at Showfield
When: Weekend near 25th September
Time: 10am to 4.30 pm


While everybody is aware that William the Conqueror defeated King Harold and the English at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, it’s much less well-known that the Battle of Stamford Bridge earlier in the year was a significant contributory factor in the events of the Year of Three Kings. On September 25th, King Harold’s army decisively beat off the invading forces of Norwegian Harold Hardrada in a bloody battle near York, only to be faced with a gruelling march south in a doomed attempt to see off William and the Normans in mid October. The Battle of Stamford Bridge Society organise a weekend of events each September to commemorate the conflict,and aim to promote further investigations into the history and significance of this period of history. One of the most memorable tales of the battle is that a single giant Viking stopped the English forces crossing the bridge, picking the soldiers off individually….until a brave warrior sailed under the bridge by boat and skewered him from below (obviously this is a particularly popular feature in any re-enactment!). The Sunday begins with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Main Street Battle Memorial. Expect living history encampments, craft, food & drink stalls and plenty to keep you busy for a full day out.

Helpful Hints

In 2017 the event was due to take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September but I’ve heard unconfirmed reports that it sadly won’t be happening owing to the decease of the main organiser. However, I believe that an event will be taking place on Saturday 23rd though so far I have no details of the scale or times – will report back when I know more….

The Battle Monument is just up the road from the bridge on the Main Street and another is sited at the end of Whiterose Drive. The Swordsman Inn near the Bridge had a great sign depicting the giant Viking on last time I visited!

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