Stroud International Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing Contest

Where: Formerly at Stroud, Gloucestershire at Stratford Park
When: Formerly 3rd Saturday in July


This appears to be a recently discontinued event. For 50 years the Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing contest at Stroud  had an international flavour – three other towns called Stroud also host their own events in Canada, USA and Australia.The title is self explanatory – men brandish bricks and women pitch rolling pins and the winner is the competitor who throws over the greatest distance. Bricks used to be manufactured in Stroud – the rolling pins came later. The Australian event still seems to be going strong but the English version appears to have ceased within the last few years. If anyone knows differently , please advise!

Helpful Hints

After a lapse of several years I thought it best to make contact locally…so far there are no signs of an event this year and I conclude that it has lapsed.