Swamp Soccer World Cup

Where: Formerly venues throughout Scotland (different location annually) and beyond
When: A weekend in late June
Time: 9.30am onwards


Swamp Soccer is just what the name suggests – football on marshy ground; its origins lie in Finland, when skiers were thinking of a summer training routine and dreamed it up. The competition is held each June between around a hundred teams of six hardy players. Other entertainments including music and wrestling will be on site.

Helpful Hints

Entrants must register in advance (see website for details).

The event was held at various locations around Scotland for many years but has now gone international and if you wanted to go now you will probably need to travel to Turkey!

Both date and location have yet to be announced for 2018 but it’s likely Turkey for the venue.

Click here for the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/swampsoccerworldcup

Click here for the event website : http://www.swampsoccer.co.uk/