Tartan Day

Where: Formerly Countrywide but especially in Scotland
When: Formerly April 6th
Time: Formerly All day


The Declaration of Arbroath was signed on 6th April 1320 and Tartan Day commemorated this event, though the celebration was of recent vintage, starting in Canada for folk of Scots ancestry. Expect plenty of haggis eating, kilts, music and dance in festivities around the date itself – but sadly you have to travel overseas to find festivities as the events in Arbroath have now lapsed.

Helpful Hints

See the entry for Arbroath Tartan Week celebrations – the heart of the festival was in its home town. If you hear of any revivals, in Arbroath or elsewhere in Scotland, please let me know.

Click here for the event website : http://www.tartandayscotland.com/home/home.asp

Photo by Jimmy MacDonald.