Tatworth Candle Auction

Where: Tatworth, Somerset at the Poppe Inn on Axminster Road
When: Tuesday after 6th April
Time: 7pm



Stowell Mead is a pasture at Tatworth in Somerset and the right to use it is contested annually at the Candle Auction. A short candle is lit on a board hung from the pub ceiling – the highest bidder before the flame goes out wins the field for the year. It takes around 20 minutes and a traditional supper follows of bread, cheese and watercress. The custom dates back to the early nineteenth century when local farmers set up the Stowell Court to regulate landuse in the area following the enclosure of common land.

Helpful Hints

This is a strictly private event open to Members of the Court only;  however, interested visitors may be admitted by prior arrangement. Don’t just turn up expecting to be let in!

In 2018 it will be on Tuesday 10th April.

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