Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival

Where: Tenbury Wells - town centre and the Bandstand in the Burgage park
When: Weekend near 1st December
Time: 10 am onwards with Crowning at 11 am, Druid Ceremony 3pm, Santa Parade 4.30pm


This is a relatively new festival founded in 2004 celebrating Tenbury Wells’ long association with Mistletoe growing and trading and there’s a full programme of events, music and theatre connected with the plant. A Druid ceremony is held at the Burgage in which a newly cut mistletoe bough is blessed with beer, apple juice and the elements before being sacrificially cast into the River Teme.  The Mistletoe Queen and Holly King (elected locally) are crowned outside the Pump Rooms in the High Street, followed by various activities and entertainments and the day finishes with a Santa lantern parade.

Helpful Hints

Join the circle at the Druid ceremony- it’s much more fun participating than just standing watching (and you get to sample the beer and apple juice) and you’ll be made very welcome. It’s held on grass in the park so can be muddy underfoot.

In 2018 the Mistletoe Festival is on Saturday 1st December – as the festival is growing and evolving, check the event website for full details of timings. If you select Festival then Festival Resources you can see the current flyer for the event.

Click here for the event website : http://www.tenburymistletoe.org/festival.html

Click here for the event website : http://www.tenbury-mistletoe-festival.co.uk/

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