Waltham Cross Bakers & Sweeps Football Match

Where: Waltham Cross, Herts at the Playing Fields near the Railway Station
When: 26th December
Time: 12 noon


For over 100 years, every Boxing Day at Waltham Cross has featured an unusual football match. The teams of Bakers and Sweeps in appropriate costumes battle it out on the playing fields, with numerous balls of varying size up to absolute giants which have to be rolled around the pitch and may be ceremonially carried into play on a stretcher. The players are armed with flour or soot depending on their allegiance, and misdemeanours during play may be punished with a session in the on-pitch stocks. It’s a local fundraiser for charity and an alternative way to work off the calories from Christmas lunch!

Helpful Hints

Anyone over 18 can join in – but be aware that you’ll end up covered in flour and soot as well as mud!

Click here for the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/173152511406/?fref=nf

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