High Wycombe Weighing the Mayor

Where: High Wycombe, Bucks at the Guildhall on the High Street and the Scales on Frogmoor
When: 3rd Saturday in May
Time: 10.30 (ish) Procession, Weighing 11.45



Mayor 2016

The Mayor of High Wycombe is weighed upon taking up office, and again a year later when the next incumbent takes on the annual role. The Mayor will be seated on special brass scales – if weight loss has occured during their term of office the crowd will cheer as it’s assumed they have been working hard but if weight has been gained expect good-humoured booing. The custom dates from at least the nineteenth century and has plenty of ceremony including a Town Crier; all the officials and dignitaries are weighed, not just the Mayor. The Scales are now set up a short distance away from the Guildhall rather than right outside as on Saturdays a market is held in town.

Helpful Hints

In 2018 it will take place on Saturday May 19th (to be confirmed) – don’t be misled by sources giving the out-of-date info that it’s held on Thursdays.

Click here for the Mayor’s website : http://mayorofwycombe.co.uk/mayor-making/

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