Well Dressing

Where: Mainly villages in Derbyshire and the Peak District
When: Throughout May, June, July & into August
Time: All day


Well dressing is a beautiful and  popular custom, particularly in Derbyshire and the Peak District, in which springs and wells are decorated with panels worked in flower petals and other natural materials to form a design. Religious scenes are common but not exclusively so. The custom seems to date back to the eighteenth century at least, though it has become much more widespread in modern times.Many villages take part and the season lasts from early May into August so there are plenty of opportunities to visit though the period for each village is short (usually a week or less) because of the nature of the materials used. With over 100 Well Dressings through the season, it isn’t possible to list them all on this site – and the Welldressing link below already does that admirably! However a selection of the major festivals are listed here (see separate entries for Wirksworth, Buxton,Bisley, Tissington, Youlgrave, Eyam Plague Sunday and Calderdale Spaw Sunday) to give a flavour of the events.

Photo by Crossboy.

For schedules/venues click here : http://www.welldressing.com/