London Widow’s Bun Ceremony

Where: Bromley-by-Bow,London - The Widow's Son pub on Devons Road
When: Good Friday
Time: 2pm (ish)


In it goes!

The Widow’s Son is a pub with a great legend – the resident lady’s sailor son was due home from voyage on Good Friday so she baked him a hot cross bun; sadly he never appeared but each year his mother baked a fresh bun hoping for his return. Her house became a pub and the tradition still continues so that now there are about two dozen buns hanging up in the pub in a net from the ceiling (NOT over 200 as I’ve read elsewhere!). Every Good Friday a sailor adds a bun to the collection and (fresh!) buns are offered to all visitors. There is an ancient belief that holy Hot Cross Buns baked on Good Friday will not decay and some people keep them as a lucky talisman.

Helpful Hints

In 2018 Good Friday will be on 30th March.

When we went in 2014, the new bun was put in the net at about 10 to 3 pm so don’t panic if you turn up at 2pm and have to wait a while.

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