Windlesham Pram Race

Where: Windlesham, Surrey at Linde Group Headquarters, Chertsey Road
When: 26th December
Time: 11am


The Windlesham Pram Race is held each Boxing Day over a 3-mile course and has been an annual event for over 40 years – few similar events have as long a pedigree as this! It’s a charity fundraiser open to all and there are prizes for speed, costume and the best-pimped perambulator (which often just uses a pram chassis and is transformed into quite a different vehicle altogether). Expect a fun atmosphere and plenty of drinking as competitors  in teams of up to 8 members must down a swift half at set points en route.  The finish is at the Windlesham Club & Theatre on Kennel Lane and the prizes are awarded here.

Helpful Hints

Teams wishing to enter should register in advance (see website for details).

Click here for the event website :

Photo by Euan Semple.

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