Wishford Key Auction

Where: Formerly at Great Wishford, Wiltshire at St Giles' Church on South Street
When: Formerly Rogation Monday
Time: Formerly at Sunset (around 9pm)


Great Wishford in Wiltshire was the setting for one of Britain’s unusual annual property auctions, for the  summer grazing of two water-meadows. Just before sunset, bidders assembled at the church and the auction began; the churchwarden watched the sun and as soon as it sank below the horizon he hit the church gate using his key as a gavel to end the sale.

Helpful Hints

Sadly this custom has very recently lapsed due to a lack of bidders. However if the situation changes, the Churchwardens are very willing to revive it so watch this space….

Rogation Monday varies in date becasue it is linked to  Easter, which is a moveable feast; it usually falls during May.


Photo by Moira Clunie.

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