Workington Football

Where: Workington, Cumbria
When: Good Friday, Easter Tuesday and the Saturday after
Time: 6.30pm


Workington hosts a trio of mass-football games each year, all starting off at 6.30 with the ball being thrown from Long Bridge, the footbridge over the Beck, in the Cloffocks area about halfway between Tescos and the Bowling Club . One ball is played per day with the game ending as soon as a goal is scored; teams are the Uppies and the Downies, coming from the east and west sides of town, and their goals are both about a mile away from the start at Workington Hall entrance and at a former capstan at  the docks respectively. There are plenty of obstacles in the form of the Beck, the River Derwent and various boundaries ; getting wet is a likelihood for the players. Expect bursts of sudden movement interspersed with lengthy periods of scrummaging as each side tries desparately to shove the opponents along. As Workington is one of the larger towns with a football game of this kind, there are usually plenty of players and spectators – easily around 1000 people. There are no rules so expect plenty of chaos! We were reliably told by a resident that it can end as late as 5am!


Helpful Hints

Depending on the date Easter falls, the games may be played before the clocks change to British Summertime and can start when dusk is already falling.

In 2018 the games will be played on Friday 30th March, Tuesday April 3rd and Saturday April 7th.

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